Monday, July 31, 2006

Summer almost at an end...

So sad. Summer is almost over for me. I know, snif, you are feeling for me...
I have a class that starts Weds. for a "Jump Start" into completing the requirements to become a Nationally Board Certified Teacher (oops, speaking of which, I had better pay my fees today!) 10a.m.-3p.m. Can you believe that? What work horses! Well, since, again, I have done this to myself I had better suck it up and deal!

I received a package from Carola of Sheep and No City. I had won her contest! So exciting! This crooked picture is of the goodies she sent! Do you know that in Iceland they seem to like chocolate with black licorice inside...Mmmm...ok, not really great. Not being a big fan of licorice, it ended up being finished off by the H. I may finally complete a pair of socks. This new yarn is so awesome. And since I am being told that we cannot wwear flip-flops to school, I could have cool new socks. Now only if I actually start knitting theM!
Ugh! Seems that Blogger is not letting me upload my Picture!!!!
Ok, well, maybe I can add later.
We made a trip to Michigan (4 hours and no yarn stores...bummer!) to pick up a load of white cedar shingles for the sides of pur house. When we finally found the people's house, they came out and laughed at us (I should tell you that hubby bought them on eBay) We had only brought the truck. Well, when we got to the pick up zone, we laughed. There was no way they wopuld all fit in the bed of the truck. So off we go to buy a trailer. Yep, buy. Any u-haul place was now closed. Luckily, we found one reasonable at TSC. What a hoot this was. We go back, we load. We start heading home. Of course, we had to stop and shift things arpund since the trailer did not seem to be holding them all well. But we made it home without too much trouble. Life is always an adventure. (Have pictures of this too...but maybe later!)
I was also going to show you, all of my loyal readers (HA), the Great Blue Heron that decided to visit my pond for a day and a half (He would not leave and actually came over to check me out!) but again no pictures for some odd reason! (Hmmm, couldn't be my fault...)
Well, I guess I'll post later when you can see stunning pictures from my new camera!


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