Saturday, July 15, 2006

Really, I am not a Gardener

I know, my amazing Lilies lead you astray. But I am a horrible gardener! But that aside, we set off on the Great lily adventure!
My gardening freinds: Carolyn and Dave! (They are really the experts!)

This would be Dave's VW empty. What you do not see is the fact that the Lynd Farm has fields full of different varieties. You also do not see that on Thursday a caravan of friends headed to the farm and had already picked out many to be dug. They are ready and waiting. (ok, so I did not make it the first trip, but they had picked out 2 for me) Of course, I had to ad to my order. Luckily, I did my lonely 4 plants were riding home with me! Dave had to fit in at least 19 bundles! Oops, make that 20...Carolyn and her peaches also were riding home with Dave!

The back:
The Backseat:
Peaches and Carolyn: Check!
And Off they go!
It is always an adventure! How many Lilies can you get into a VW Bug? Hmmm!
You do notice that there are no pictures of me?! I got my camera! Working nicely, just need a nice case for it. I bought one that I severely dislike...need to find a girly one with tough sides! I tend to drop things! Maybe I will knit soon. Let's hope! The yarn is screaming at me!
Blogger is being difficult! I was going to leave you with a picture of me...lucky folks...from my Birthday breakfast (last month) at a swanky Marion, Ohio establishment, but seems to be a no go! Sorry!


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