Thursday, July 20, 2006

I am KNITTING! Whew!

Believe it or not (I have proof, I tell you!) I am actually knitting! It has been a bit of a hiatus. Maybe it was the Noro wool in July heat, I don't know. A while back I bought Filatura Di Crosa: Spring/Summer 2006.
So this:

Will become this:

Do you ever find a pattern and spend all of your knitting time thinking, "Gee, I hope I look like that when I am finished!" (Yep, I know it will never happen, but a girl can dream, right?)
On a sweatier note (Is that a word?): We have started clearing for a garage. A Garage you ask? Yep, we have decided that our lovely hand built house needs more storage and a place to hide cars! (Yes, I really meant to type hand built house...I should know, my hands were way too involved!) Since H is now a fireman, we have to build away from the no attached garage for me...but I will not only be able to hide my car, I could have a deep freezer, hide my holiday decorations, and what few gardening supplies I have. How exciting is that!
But to get to the actual construction we have to clear this: And that is a lot of work already completed. Stumps suck...Great aliteration huh? And yes, we can get away with burning out here, so the stump is lit, but results in this:
Ok...Blogger seems to not be playing very nicely and won't let me load any more pics! UGH! And it was going to be funny!


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