Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ha HA I am back Blogger!

Let's see if I can finish my post: So you will have to go down one post to make sense of this post! I love confusing you!
(Like anyone is really out there in bloggerland reading this! My counter is probably all me checking to see if anyone really reads!)
I was going to make a funny about the heat and the smoke and Craig doing all of the work (Really, that is not true!) But now I have forgotten! I did remember this guy:
Isn't it nice to have a huy around who will pick up things like salamanders? I did once and learned my lesson. So now it is a "man chore".
So I will move on to Flat Stanley! Ok, some of you ghost readers may not know who Flat Stanley is, I really do not either. But I do know our 2nd grade teachers have their students make this flat guy and send him all over the place. They thought it would be fun to have teachers take one home for summer break and photograph all of his advemtures. Well, I just found Stanley! (I really avoid school stuff in the summer!) So here he is in all of his glory! (Ok I actually have more pictures but I uploaded them on the other computer and did not yet send them on to Flickr land!) But this one is the best I promise!
Stanley and the Babes:

I know he is too far away to really see the fine addition I made to his shirt...but I can assure you that it has something to do with Mrs. Carey (that's me) rocking! (Cool!)You cannot believe how funny I find Flat Stanley! He has already been knitting, chilling, hanging in trees, gardening, and grilling. I did manage not to singe his foot! What else will Stanley do this Summer? Stay tuned!

*******Minors Must NOT read below!*******

Maybe I should make a Flat Stella...We could then have flat porn! That just cracks me up! I have no idea why!
On that note, I am off! (Really Off!)


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