Monday, July 31, 2006

Summer almost at an end...

So sad. Summer is almost over for me. I know, snif, you are feeling for me...
I have a class that starts Weds. for a "Jump Start" into completing the requirements to become a Nationally Board Certified Teacher (oops, speaking of which, I had better pay my fees today!) 10a.m.-3p.m. Can you believe that? What work horses! Well, since, again, I have done this to myself I had better suck it up and deal!

I received a package from Carola of Sheep and No City. I had won her contest! So exciting! This crooked picture is of the goodies she sent! Do you know that in Iceland they seem to like chocolate with black licorice inside...Mmmm...ok, not really great. Not being a big fan of licorice, it ended up being finished off by the H. I may finally complete a pair of socks. This new yarn is so awesome. And since I am being told that we cannot wwear flip-flops to school, I could have cool new socks. Now only if I actually start knitting theM!
Ugh! Seems that Blogger is not letting me upload my Picture!!!!
Ok, well, maybe I can add later.
We made a trip to Michigan (4 hours and no yarn stores...bummer!) to pick up a load of white cedar shingles for the sides of pur house. When we finally found the people's house, they came out and laughed at us (I should tell you that hubby bought them on eBay) We had only brought the truck. Well, when we got to the pick up zone, we laughed. There was no way they wopuld all fit in the bed of the truck. So off we go to buy a trailer. Yep, buy. Any u-haul place was now closed. Luckily, we found one reasonable at TSC. What a hoot this was. We go back, we load. We start heading home. Of course, we had to stop and shift things arpund since the trailer did not seem to be holding them all well. But we made it home without too much trouble. Life is always an adventure. (Have pictures of this too...but maybe later!)
I was also going to show you, all of my loyal readers (HA), the Great Blue Heron that decided to visit my pond for a day and a half (He would not leave and actually came over to check me out!) but again no pictures for some odd reason! (Hmmm, couldn't be my fault...)
Well, I guess I'll post later when you can see stunning pictures from my new camera!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

SP8 July questions!

1. What is your favorite season of the year and why? I guess I really like Fall the best! The leaves are changing, the weather cools a bit, I can get out my sweaters! The humidity is not as heavy and we head back to school (Ok, really not looking forward to school, but it is ok or I would not do it!)

2. Summer is hot. What do you knit in the summer? Cotton! I was working with wool the other day and just could not handle it! Too hot and scratchy! I want to knit socks, but I swear they are still scaring me off! (Of course, that could also be the fact that I cannot find a minute alone to figure it out!)

3. If money was no object.....what would you buy at the LYS? Everything! Ok, I would start with a full set of each style! And then head to the yarn...And it would probably be the ones that are $50 a pretty! But no clue what I would ever knit with them!

4. What are some activities that have become family traditions for your family? I am assuming this means Summer activities: Hmm, stopping at the Dairy Bar in the village close (even though it is not on the diet!) Working on the house (Ok, we always do that but...) Sitting watching the wildlife! And of course, my favorite F.F.F. ( For those of you without teenagers yet, Forced family fun! We Will have fun! That is the motto!)

5. What is the weather right now? Gray and warming is a bit wet, and may storm later! But the humidity seems to be down a bit!

Was interesting to stop and think about these! Off to pick up shingles - of the cedar variety!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ha HA I am back Blogger!

Let's see if I can finish my post: So you will have to go down one post to make sense of this post! I love confusing you!
(Like anyone is really out there in bloggerland reading this! My counter is probably all me checking to see if anyone really reads!)
I was going to make a funny about the heat and the smoke and Craig doing all of the work (Really, that is not true!) But now I have forgotten! I did remember this guy:
Isn't it nice to have a huy around who will pick up things like salamanders? I did once and learned my lesson. So now it is a "man chore".
So I will move on to Flat Stanley! Ok, some of you ghost readers may not know who Flat Stanley is, I really do not either. But I do know our 2nd grade teachers have their students make this flat guy and send him all over the place. They thought it would be fun to have teachers take one home for summer break and photograph all of his advemtures. Well, I just found Stanley! (I really avoid school stuff in the summer!) So here he is in all of his glory! (Ok I actually have more pictures but I uploaded them on the other computer and did not yet send them on to Flickr land!) But this one is the best I promise!
Stanley and the Babes:

I know he is too far away to really see the fine addition I made to his shirt...but I can assure you that it has something to do with Mrs. Carey (that's me) rocking! (Cool!)You cannot believe how funny I find Flat Stanley! He has already been knitting, chilling, hanging in trees, gardening, and grilling. I did manage not to singe his foot! What else will Stanley do this Summer? Stay tuned!

*******Minors Must NOT read below!*******

Maybe I should make a Flat Stella...We could then have flat porn! That just cracks me up! I have no idea why!
On that note, I am off! (Really Off!)

I am KNITTING! Whew!

Believe it or not (I have proof, I tell you!) I am actually knitting! It has been a bit of a hiatus. Maybe it was the Noro wool in July heat, I don't know. A while back I bought Filatura Di Crosa: Spring/Summer 2006.
So this:

Will become this:

Do you ever find a pattern and spend all of your knitting time thinking, "Gee, I hope I look like that when I am finished!" (Yep, I know it will never happen, but a girl can dream, right?)
On a sweatier note (Is that a word?): We have started clearing for a garage. A Garage you ask? Yep, we have decided that our lovely hand built house needs more storage and a place to hide cars! (Yes, I really meant to type hand built house...I should know, my hands were way too involved!) Since H is now a fireman, we have to build away from the no attached garage for me...but I will not only be able to hide my car, I could have a deep freezer, hide my holiday decorations, and what few gardening supplies I have. How exciting is that!
But to get to the actual construction we have to clear this: And that is a lot of work already completed. Stumps suck...Great aliteration huh? And yes, we can get away with burning out here, so the stump is lit, but results in this:
Ok...Blogger seems to not be playing very nicely and won't let me load any more pics! UGH! And it was going to be funny!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Just stuff!

Ok, saw this on someone else's blog (no, not my goofy picture!) and thought, hmmm what happened on my birthday! So I went to Wiki and searched my bday with no date and viola!
1898 - M.C. Escher, Dutch artist (d. 1972)
1946 - Barry Manilow, American musician
1980 - Venus Williams, American tennis player

1994 - Following a televised highway chase and a failed attempt at suicide, O. J. Simpson is arrested for the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman.
1991 - Apartheid: The South African Parliament repeals the Population Registration Act, which had required all racial classification of all South Africans at birth.
1972 - Watergate scandal: Five White House operatives are arrested for burglarizing the offices of the Democratic National Committee, in an attempt by some members of the Republican party to illegally wiretap the opposition.
1885 - The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor.
So now I am 36 and 1 month old today! Happy day!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Really, I am not a Gardener

I know, my amazing Lilies lead you astray. But I am a horrible gardener! But that aside, we set off on the Great lily adventure!
My gardening freinds: Carolyn and Dave! (They are really the experts!)

This would be Dave's VW empty. What you do not see is the fact that the Lynd Farm has fields full of different varieties. You also do not see that on Thursday a caravan of friends headed to the farm and had already picked out many to be dug. They are ready and waiting. (ok, so I did not make it the first trip, but they had picked out 2 for me) Of course, I had to ad to my order. Luckily, I did my lonely 4 plants were riding home with me! Dave had to fit in at least 19 bundles! Oops, make that 20...Carolyn and her peaches also were riding home with Dave!

The back:
The Backseat:
Peaches and Carolyn: Check!
And Off they go!
It is always an adventure! How many Lilies can you get into a VW Bug? Hmmm!
You do notice that there are no pictures of me?! I got my camera! Working nicely, just need a nice case for it. I bought one that I severely dislike...need to find a girly one with tough sides! I tend to drop things! Maybe I will knit soon. Let's hope! The yarn is screaming at me!
Blogger is being difficult! I was going to leave you with a picture of me...lucky folks...from my Birthday breakfast (last month) at a swanky Marion, Ohio establishment, but seems to be a no go! Sorry!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Has it Really Been this long!

I am a Bad, Bad blogger! I thought I had posted in July, but...Nope!
I am spending time waiting...for what you ask...(I know there really are not too many people out there reading, but a girl can pretend. Ok, that is sad that I am pretending about my blog and not like, JLo's old beau...what's his name. Ooo! I remember Ben Afleck...can't spell, but he is a cutie!)
Actually I am waiting, not very patiently I might add, on the DHL guy with my new camera. So excited, but it is not here YET!!! Bummmer! Just cause the tracking website says it is coming today, doesn't mean that it will be here at 7 a.m. or 8 or 9 or...
So I will leave you with a few of the last pictures I may have to take with my old camera (It has been a good friend, but at only like 1.6 MP)

An Asain Lily (ok, so I was told that!)

A short Lily (I am a bad gardener)

And what? A chicken Butt! (I love that joke...Chicken does too!)
Sorry no yarn, although I did buy some new stuff for the stash and my buddies!