Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home and Mail

How's that for a title!
We have made it home from our Canadian/IKEA adventure! Whew! What were we thinking traveling to IKEA in a Jetta?
But I arrived home to find prizes!
First from my SP8

What an awesome group! (I need to email her and thank her!) The yarn is so soft and groovy! The picture does not do it justice! I have to work on socks now! Especially since I have such great sock yarn now to work with!
I love the little pirate duck...hard to see him in the picture! And a cool keychain from Latern Moon...and of course, chocolate! I love Trader Joe's (they have the best chap stick there too!)
On to the music, I now have 2 CD's from my SP. They are so cool and a great mix! I love finding mellow fun music! (Really mellow is not the right word...but it is great stuff!)
Thanks SP8!
And then there was a package from my One Skein Buddy! Wow! How would have thought 2 in one day!

Fusion! Great neutral Mohair blend with 136yds! Now what will it be!!! So many choices! This of course means that I need to get knitting again! Thanks!
This is great!

This is what my poor car looked like when we got home!

We actually had to buy what we had in our cart, load it, and then see if we had enough room! We shopped for almost 8 hours! But found so many groovy item!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Just Knit...and crochet and other things! Like me!: Fins Up!

Just Knit...and crochet and other things! Like me!: Fins Up!

New Noni and Lillies

Well, I have been fighting to try and edit a previous post...I had new pictures for our Jimmy Buffett experience! Fins Up!
So I guess you will get stuck with them here! They seem to show up on previews...but who knows! It is frustrating!

And so is my Noni Bag! It is so funny looking!

and now drying:

Can you say "Hate it!" Hopefully it will get better and then I can hide more with the flower. Yep, I bought that one also!
I am going to line it, possibly zipper it, and go with the bamboo handles!

An a brighter note: We are headed north tomorrow! And my Tiger Lillies popped yesterday!

Well, I had better pack! And hopefully the rain will stop!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

36 Thirty-six 36: No, not my measurements!

Well, it is here. I am 36. Actually I think I am ok with this! I had an interesting chat with a friend yesterday and that really seemed to help. I learned a few things...always good to learn! But I feel better. Really long story I won't bore anyone with...

I swear I live in a wildlife preserve!
I was looking something up on the net when I kept hearing a ruckus outdoors. A bird was just carrying on...
One of the cats had snagged a baby, how do I know it was an oriole? The male was swooping our other cat. Of course, I did not grab the camera in time for that, but I did grab 2 cats up and put them away. So then it is off to save the baby! (and assess the damage...UGH!)

What a little trooper!

Belly Shot!
Then we spent another hour watching Dad swoop around and call to the little guy! He led him quite aways down the field.
The little one could fly enough to get up a limb at a time. I never saw his nest but I am pretty sure he made it! Of course, the cats were not let out for hours!
Then later...I find this:

Being startled while chowing down on leftover duck feed, this guy craws up the post on the barn porch.
Plays a game of "If I can't see you, you can't see me"

Really, I am fine:
I swear the others where watching and laughing!
Let's see what today brings!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Generation T

Just a quickie! And again no knitting! I have quite a few WIP's but nothing seems to be going quick! Have to finish a couple (ok, I have no idea why I am setting is summer and I have Summer Brain. It is a serious condition!!!)
14YO and I hit the library after I renewed my license and car $65 later we went for free summer fun! The library!
Anyhow, we found Generation T: 108 ways to transform a T-Shirt by Megan Nicolay. And ta-dah:

and on:

Looks like I have a great belly button!
And now the tube top:

Ignore the spots on the picture! You do not really see those water spots on my bathroom mirror! Figments of your imagination! Because I love to clean and those spots wouldn't dare show up! Yea, right! Call me Holly Homemaker!
(Hey, blame it on the 14YO, Bathroom cleaning is her duty...hey, she messes it up the most! Ok, maybe I really am the one who can't seem to keep the water in the sink...but hey, who can!)
Of course, these probably will not be worn outside of the house...but still fun! And I am not stressing about not being creative!
Off to breakfast with the school chums!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fins Up!

Haven't blogged lately, because we were on the road! Jimmy Buffett hit Ohio for 1 show and we made it to River Bend! I have been a ParrotHead for years. Now I drag my poor husband around too! He is a good sport!

Of course, this picture is actually the sign for River Downs next door, but hey, just happy to be there!
We ended up parking in the "No fun" parking lot! At least that is what the security guard said when we tried to pull out chairs and a few refreshments! Parrotheads were parked all up and down the road leading to the concert venue. Amazing! I had always heard that Cincinnati was one of the best shows...and it was amazing! There were no blankets or chairs allowed...the place was packed! But so much fun!

This poor guy never had a chance to change into his shorts, but we found him a skirt!
And then we spent a fortune on shirts!
This weekend is my birthday...36. I had wanted to go away for the event, but my SIL is having her youngest baptized on Father's Day. So we are headed out the weekend after. Headed north to Canada, no final destination set, and then on the way back to the new IKEA in Canton, Michigan! Firgured a Monday may not be as busy...yea right, let's hope! I already am making a list! New bed cover, 3 new pillows (I love their pillows!), closet storage, laundry room cupboards! We went in October to first IKEA visit! Wow, I was missing out in my life! Why we did not do this when we first moved into our house, I will never know!
The 14 yo has Volleyball practice/conditioning at 7:20...time to get up!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SP8 and One Skein

No pictures today! Bummer! Nothing finished in eons it seems! I am pulling my hair out trying to find the perfect tank to use with the perfect yarn. Does such a thing exsist? I am seriously having doubts! I ordered a couple of Noni Bags and the flower for one! Still waiting on them! I saw the pattern at my newly found LYS, and boy, does it look difficult! I guess wait and see!
I also managed to mail out my One Skein and SP8 packages today! So excited! I hope they both like what I included! I did not manage to take a picture before hand...

I am also shopping for a new digital camera. Have no idea what to buy! I really do not want to spend more than $200. It will be outdated before I even get it! Anyone have suggestions? Looking at around 5MP or so! Will have to better than what I have!

Anyhow, we are leaving for Cincinnati on Thursday for Jimmy Buffett! His only Ohio stop! And my good friend stood in line to buy tickets for me! So excited! Getting my Parothead gear out!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

It IS Summer! Finally!

Yes, I know that summer does not offically start until June 21st...But finally school is out! I feel sorry for those folks who do that year round school...this is such a much needed break! I thought some of us were ready to go off of the edge. Now, you may be thinking that it was the kids driving everyone crazy...Nope, so wrong! We were driving each other crazy!
I still have to go back and finish cleaning out my room and packing away stuff! I have a lot of stuff! And I just was given a kiln! So I really needed to clean out my kiln room! Our schools are only 3 years old and they built this awesome art room along with a room for a ceramics kiln. But I have had no kiln. Actually I have had no kiln the enitre time I have worked there. But I do now. Of course, with budget cuts, I have no money for clay and glazes, but hey what is another 9 years!
Ok, back to knitting! It is summer...I need to get hopping! I just posted my first One Skein FO's on their blog. Have to post them here also!
First the clutch! I used some Noro Kureyon that I had bought for a shawl. Figured that was going to be way too itchy!

I am not crazy about the handles, but my hubby gave me a great idea. (Sounds good, but who knows!) So I'll try it and then let you know!
Next comes 2 lovely Bobble bags in pinks:

Had a touch of trouble getting my zipper in, but I figured it out! These are great! And so easy! I have to tell that I did make bobbles on both sides. Too many bobbles! And I picked up stitches along the bottom to start the back. I just used SC for the entire back. One less seam to make! Plus this allowed me to actually use one skein! Those Bobbles take a lot of yarn!
My SP8, One Skein, and finally my Project Spectrum Card (from May...I know, it is June) are all ready to hit the PO tomorrow! So excited! This has been too much fun! I treated myself to a new yarn store when I went looking for my secret buddys' yarn! So hard not to buy too much for me! And this store was awesome:
Knitter's Mercantile in Columbus, Ohio. My only problem with this is an hour away! But they have great hours and super friendly people!
I accidentally found "Knitting Rules" at the library! Someone must have slipped up, because I cannot believe that there was no waiting list! It is on my wish list, but I just had to pick it up and read it!
More later! Happy Knitting!