Sunday, April 30, 2006

One Skein is started!

Well, I have finally began my One Skein project! I will attempt to complete the tank!:

I am looking for another complentary color of Crystal Palace Cotton Flamme to make my tank 2 colored. I had a yarn that I though would work, but no luck! Any ideas out there? Email me! I am looking at eBay in a bit!

And my perfect tank has turned into this:

And this is a closer look at that successful stitch pick up:

And Grey's is on...a new episode! I better get my needles out! They probably will not even reference knitting, but heck, I have been knitting with Greay's for months!
I just signed up for a secret pal! I am so excited! I love putting things together like this. Usually we do it at work, but I was so busy this year that I bowed out this time this is a great mini SP for me!

Ok, my lame attempt at hitting the April Project Spectrum:
Yet another scarf...I have had this squiggle for ever. Heck, I even have a couple of others. It seems to have finally been put to use. Makes my stash look good too!

What a Week!

This has been a long one!
The crazy child rolled her ankle and had to be put in a boot! Does she do this playing Volleyball? No...on the bus! Nope, she did not fall down the steps of the bus either. She did it getting up to switch buses! What a nightmare! And I really do not want to bash all doctor offices, but what an ordeal this was! I really think we should start charging them! I was to take her to get her boot after x-rays and all that...that department was closed! UGH! So I go the next morning to be the first one there when they open at 8a.m., nope still had to wait for 30+ minutes (and we were the first of the day!)
Well during all of this I frogged the entire perfect tank...guess it was not so perfect! I am in the process of redoing it as more of a vest. I am also starting the tank from One aqua and lime. I have really dropped the ball on my April Project spectrum...and I love orange! May looks like it will be my month!
We have spent days searching for these little beauties:

and this one:

We have all over our woods looking and even spent a day in southern Ohio looking. Only to have been finding them right along our driveway! I swear they see me coming and run away giggling...heeheehee!

Since we are on a nature topic here, these are my yard terrors! They think they can chase all of the rest of my ark!

Flip and Flop...hard totell them apart, but they are 2 male Pekin ducks that we brought home from the county fair last summer! They are a riot to watch! I was really wanting a male/female pair, but their antics are funny! They actually horeplay occasionally and jump on one anothers back in the pond. And they chase my poor lonely rooster, whose name is Chicken:

Maybe I'll knit today! Let's hope!

Monday, April 17, 2006

I can't Knit with Grey's...

How can I knit with Grey's if Grey's is not on!?!?!?!
I read somewhere that the next new episode will be the 30th. I can't wait that long! I doubt we will ever see Meridith/Izzy's sweater, but I can dream can't I? I really do like Grey's, one of the best out there!

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Perfect Tank...well, maybe

I cannot find a tank I like! I have tried all kinds with no luck. I want thicker straps (some of the world has to wear a bra!), long enough to cover my tummy, but not too long, easy to knit, and so on. So here I go with trying to make my own. If all goes well, I will have created my first pattern, and if not well, another tangled mess!
I have finished the back:

I just started the front. Keep your fingers crossed!

We have been hunting for morels in the woods with no luck! I swear they hear me coming and hide with a little giggle! Heck, I even wore camo out looking earlier...still eluded me! Let's hope that they are just not ready yet and that the deer have not beat me to them! Hubby's birthday is today and I had hoped to have them for him. Luckily I have a few back up gifts!

This is how well knitting with 4th graders is going!

Scarves Galore

Sometimes I think I need a new hobby! Especially when I want a different scarf or belt! I think I have plenty, but you know the closet is always changing!

Just a bit closer:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sour Grapes

An older FO... My version of Sour Grapes from Crochet Me mag!
Pattern link is here:
Crochet Me
Not Sure how to make that a cute link!

Leave it to me to add more! My motto does not seem to be anything about less being more!

Also have been working on the perfect tank. I cannot find a pattern that I like so...I am trying my hand at "designing". Almost finished with the back. Post pics later!
Just got a copy of One Skein...Joined the blog and the secret pal exchange! See if I can add the button!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Last Day of Spring Break!

A great big Thank You to Andrea of for sending me to some great places for help with a little thing called "code". Boy was I a complete novice! (Ok, really I still am, but I got a button or 2 on! Yippee!) My darling MIL bought me a gift certificate for Christmas (yes, that Holiday clear back in December!) for a store in Powell, OH. I have managed to save this GC until now! Pretty impressive, I know! Thank you for your applause of my restraint! It is appreciated! So like I said this is what I bought
(ok, what I bought is above...why is that? Just when I think I have got it...I am so wrong! (And why Can't I make paragraphs...???) Anyhow, the yarn is all fro The Great Adirondack Yarn Co. From the left is Peru Hpunch 100% cotton, Debuting in the middle is Silk Delight Mango 100%silk, And last, but of course certainly not least is Nassua Toucan 50 Cotton/ 50 Silk! How awesome and the yardage is incredible...263-325! Well, here is a picture of my tolerant hubby in his "I have hours to put in at the hospital before I can become a real EMT" outfit:

Ok, I have moved them...Will they be here when I publish. Seems like a bit of a crap shot if you ask me!
Well, my 14yo D has been playing Club Volleyball all day, and I have attempted to coach her team...we are beat! Who schedules a tournament on the day we change time?! And have to back to work tomorrow...the sacrifices I make! I have managed to crochet 4 rows, that is it. Having withdrawl symptoms!