Friday, March 31, 2006

Screaming and Crazy

Can I scream, I hate this layout and I cannot get it to change. Says it updates, but it doesn't! UGH!
And can this be more difficult? Anyone have a good place to figure this all out and add buttons etc! Thanks

Thursday, March 30, 2006

First completed Crochet!

I am just learning to crochet. I have been knitting for a little over a year. I decided that I should learn to crochet since I decided to teach one of my 4th grade classes how to knit and crochet. We are attempting to make an afghan for a local charity.
All I can say is...WHY? I should have just bought one and donated it! This is crazy! I'll have to post pics of our is not pretty! But they are having fun!

I bought the Debbie Stoller book Happy Hooker and have final mastered the SC and completed the stripes how do I post the picture. Hmm!

Hey, I got it! There it is! Not a great picture, but not too bad for my first try! I used some left over Bernat CottonTot that I had from a blanket I had knit. I may even have enough for a belt...ok, probably a bit much pink and green. I don't wantto be mistaken for a candy striper (almost had stripper in there! OOPS!) I have not figured out to type with a line through it!

I am working on a basket tote from Quick Crochet Huge Hooks. And the progress looks like this:

Not a great picture. I am just using regular garden jute I found at Walmart (Not easy since they do not seem to have a simple string aisle!) and thin cotton denim cut into rags. It must have been a remenant that I had picked up cheap. I think this huge hook may kill my hand, but a cool tote is worth it!

Today is the Day!

Well, I have been reading blogs for a bit and wanted my own...and I finally did it!
I think! I guess we will wait and see. I would not call myself technology impaired but wow, this stuff moves so fast, maybe I can catch up a bit!